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Wendy Ryan (ウェンディー・ライアン) is a character introduced in Psychic Force.


Wendy has a genius older sister named Chris who was studying psychic powers. Her sister had been abroad for her research for over a year, but suddenly all messages between them were cut off. Feeling something bad could've happened with her sister she begins her own investigation. One day, she receives a telepathic message from Keith. Remembering that both her and her sister had a mysterious ability, she deduces her sister could've received it as well and rushes to the place where it originated. Upon reaching the headquarters of NOA she befriends Burn and Emilio and joins them against the organization.

During their assault on NOA's headquarters Wendy is separated from her friends, but discovers that her sister was reborn as Sonia. She escapes alone from the base's explosion, but learns that Emilio was captured and brainwashed into a servant of the Psychic Army. She now seeks the truth about her sister and to save her friends.

Wendy is very upbeat and easy-going, also being very intense with her emotions and usually acting on impulse.

Fighting Style[]

Wendy is a lightweight type character, focusing on speed while lacking in offensive power. Her wind powers enable her to launch air blades and tornadoes, giving her good spatial control.

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