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Richard Wong (リチャード・ウォン) is a character introduced in Psychic Force.


Wong was born as a child of the mistress of the president of a major trading company. Though he was treated as an outcast by his family, his innate intelligence and abilities allowed him to raise through the ranks and become the company's president himself. However, his ambitions were far greater than that, and upon receiving Keith's telepathic message he sees an opportunity to finally put his plans in motion.

Wong initially serves as Keith's consultant and strategist in NOA, manipulating his actions from behind the scenes. During Burn and Keith's confrontation he sets on a self-destruction device on the NOA base, with the intent of killing both. After the base is destroyed, Wong kidnaps Emilio and brainwashes him to become his servant, soon after establishing his own group of psychiccers known as the Psychic Army, with the clear intent of taking over the world. However, Keith survived the explosion and quickly reforms NOA into Neo-NOA, in order to oppose Wong's plans.

Wong acts as a calm, polite individual, but this is a facade to hide his true self, as Wong demonstrates to be a cold-blooded monster.

Fighting Style[]

Wong is a trickster-type character, using his time-manipulation powers to teleport around the arena and create mirror images of himself to confuse the opponent.

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